“I started Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. 2013 after learning the outsourced sales and marketing industry working at a company in the industry for 2 years. I had a background in engineering from UC Irvine. Growing up, my family always ran their own businesses, from restaurants to distribution companies to other various industries. So marketing, business, sales, etc. were always something I found interest in.


Four years later, the company has fortunately done very well and we are grateful for the many opportunities that have come our way. More clients have been added over the years, great personnel have been recruited and brought on board, and opportunities continue to grow for us.


Over the last 4 years, we have worked with some major corporations and have great results for both them and for ourselves. We specialize in outsourced marketing, developing sales and marketing strategies, implementation, and executing campaigns for major corporations. Our primary role is to serve as a liaison between large corporations and small-mid sized businesses.


Currently, our client is the fastest growing wireless company in the U.S. and we are excited to hit some aggressive goals with them.


We are excited for the growth we expect to go through this year as we have aggressive goals. We are excited to hit these goals while helping our team also advance their individual careers. 


I have to credit much of our success to our ability to promote from within, finding and hiring great people with big goals as well, and our commitment to ensuring that opportunity for growth is readily available. We are not only taking care of our clients, but more importantly, our team. This being said - people are just excited to be part of a business that is designed around their own professional and personal growth, and not just the bottom line of the company or corporations that we represent. Therefore, a culture of growth, fun, excitement, and goal-oriented mindset is created.”


-Azeem Ghoury


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