We value the ability for an individual to push themselves beyond perceived boundaries, both on a personal level but also on a company level. We have been able to do this as an organization year over year, and continue growing.


Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. is inviting candidates interested in an Account Manager position to apply now!


The position is entry level, as it entails a cross-training from ground floor in our company through an extensive 12-24 month management training program.

Candidates with 0-5 years of experience are encouraged to apply.

Our program consists of training in sales/marketing, team leadership, recruiting and on-boarding, campaign management, analysis and forecasting of our current results, and much more.

The candidates we are looking for will exemplify:

  • Strong interpersonal abilities (this is a sales and marketing industry - be funny, be likeable, be friendly, have a personality!)

  • Great leadership potential - take initiative, embrace more responsibilities / increase your influence within the office, and lead those around you

  • Excellent work ethic - we are a performance based business - similar to sports, we are looking for the competitors who believe that we can always do more and always raise the bar to take our results to the next level

Top performers attend a leadership conference 😀👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Just because someone has graduated from college doesn't mean that they should stop learning
The Dynamic Edge Consulting team attended their Quarterly Leadership Development Seminar in Orange C
The ladies looked pretty fabulous at the Millionaires Masquerade Ball!_._._._.__edited

At Dynamic Edge Consulting, we are big into creating a fun professional level and social level culture.  With constant events and opportunities for team building, travel, social hangouts among our team members, we are able to create an environment where you're working towards a common goal with friends and colleagues, not just co-workers. 

Every day in the office, there is constant learning and coaching/development to ensure our team members are always growing towards a promotion, more responsibilities, and advancing their professional careers.

We've traveled across the country, we do weekly sporting events as a team like kickball or hikes, and we have fun bonuses like our Lake Havasu retreat or Big Bear Snowboarding retreat. Work hard play hard is our motto.

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